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Dumping the Democrats

Dumping the Democrats

December 30, 2016

Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor:
I'm a 75 year-old woman, a native Iowan. It seems forever that I've been hoping Democrats would find real backbone and stand tall and firm for meaningful reforms that would help the majority of working class humans and try harder to protect the earth. They have so-often talked a good line.
Ever since the 1893 election - yes, way over a century ago - the Democrats have constantly sung the "we are the people's party" tune. Back then, the real Peoples Party Alliance had actually gained vast momentum across the south and west, mainly because small farmers, railroad workers, miners, and service workers, were being driven off the land, forced into slave labor, left penniless, while the Republicans were being supported by big banks, wall street, and the railroads - and the Democrats did nothing. Then the rise of the People's Party scared the Democrats to death. Sadly, however, the Democrats were eventually able to suck in wavering People Party candidates and members, swearing they really would help those at the bottom this time, and thence the biggest decade-long populist movement in our country's history disintegrated. Yet, historically, the minute the vast majority of Democrats have gotten into office, they've continually dealt under the table with big money and power and given only breadcrumbs to the working people, not to mention the planet that we depend upon.
Finally when wall street, the banks, railroads and big corporations dragged our entire country down into a devastating depression in the 30's, Franklin Roosevelt found the backbone (he in a wheel chair no less) to take the bull by the horns and do something for those at the bottom. Since then, however, the influence and power of the working people (small family farmers, laborers, service workers) has continually dwindled away until once again, now in 2016, they have nearly none.
Then a breath of fresh air; Bernie Sanders, an Independent, came out of nowhere and fired up real hopes of not only working folks, but debt-poor students and home-owners, as well as environmentalists trying to promote clean energy, air, and water, along with many related job creations.
And what happened? The Democrat Party royally screwed Sanders and his followers, once again stole the yoke pretending to be the "true party of the people," and pushed their own business/bank/wall street nominee, Hillary, into the top position. The result? Ultimately, the spineless Democratic Party went down the tubes, missing perhaps their last great chance.
Now we have Trump in office, a showman billionaire and power monger who's never done anything for anyone but himself and who loves to squash anyone in his way. I can't believe the working class people actually believed he gives a toot about them. However, there is one good aspect I can see about Trump's election. He's placing in top influential positions a whole bag of billionaires. So, rather than billionaires running our country's politics "under the Republican table" as they've done for most of the last century, now we can all see vividly who truly is running our "so-called" Democracy.
Yet I keep getting mailings from the Democrat Party. They say "perk up and go boldly forward." Instead, I respond with, "Get me OFF your mailing list!!" After the Democrat Party screwed Bernie Sanders and his multitude of followers, I will never vote Democrat again. That was your last chance. If I ever vote again, it will be for the Greens or some third party, no matter the consequences. That's my promise."
Mary McBee

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