Monday, February 13, 2017

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                                                                   ***ACTION ALERT***
Thousands of Iowans turned out at forums across the state last weekend and had tough questions for Republican lawmakers.  That's because Republicans and the Branstad/Reynolds administration are moving their bill to take away rights from law enforcement officers, teachers, nurses, and other Iowa workers as quickly as possible to shield themselves from criticism.
There is a public hearing tonight at the State Capitol and hundreds will be here again. Republicans plan to start debate in the House and Senate as early as tomorrow. 
We doing all we can to slow down and stop this bill, but we need your help: 
  1. Come to the Capitol tonight at 4:30 pm or register your OPPOSITION to the bill here online. Rally starts about 5 pm and public hearing starts at 6 pm
  2. Call your Senator (855-790-8815) and Representative (844-332-8460): Tell them to vote NO on House File 291/Senate File 213
  3. Call Republican Leader Chris Hagenow at 515-281-8204 and tell him to STOP this bill. Iowans deserve to be heard.
  4. Watch the public hearing live on our Facebook page at
Planned Parenthood Bill Update
Republicans in the House are holding their first subcommittee today at 4:30 pm for Senate File 2, which cuts critical health care services for women and defunds Planned Parenthood. More information can be found on the subcommittee at

Learn More about Legislation
Bill #
Bill Description
Current Status
Take Action
Gut Iowa's collective bargaining law for teachers, law enforcement, nurses, & other workers
House & Senate Floor Debate this week
Defund Planned Parenthood; take money from foster care
House subcommittee meeting 2/13 at 4:30 pm @ State Capitol; Approved by Senate Republicans on 2/2
Prevents any local gov't from increasing the minimum wage or passing stronger civil rights protections
Approved by Republicans on House Local Government Committee

Lowers wages and allows Chinese steel to be used on Iowa road construction projects
Approved by House Republicans on 2/9; Sent to Senate
Required voter ID at the polls
House State Government Committee

Requires all voters to present an ID card to cast a ballot
Senate State Government Committee

Intimidate abortion providers in an effort to limit health care choices for women
Senate Judiciary Committee

Creates a voucher program to give $4,000 annually to homeschools and private schools; eliminates Iowa Dept. of Education and Iowa Public Television
Senate Education Committee

Ends retirement security for public employees, including teachers, fire fighters, and police officers (IPERS, POR & 411)
Senate State Government Committee

Defines abortion as murder, even in cases of rape or incest
Senate Judiciary Committee

Imposes a 20-week ban on abortions
Senate Human Resources Committee

End ban on machine guns/sawed-off shotgun
Senate Judiciary Committee

Bans teachers and school leaders from voicing their opinion on education issues
House State Government Committee

Eliminates tenure system at Iowa's state universities and community colleges
Senate Education Committee

Discourages Iowans from filing legitimate lawsuits by placing a financial burden on plaintiffs even before the case is heard by a judge or jury
Senate Judiciary Committee

De-Appropriations Bill; $21 million cut to higher education
Approved by House/Senate Republicans; Signed by Branstad on 2/1/17

1.11% increase in public school funding for 2017-2018 school year
Approved by House/Senate Republicans; Signed by Branstad on 2/8/17

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